2022 Sustainability Prize

Sustainability will be an important part of the design conversation in 2022—we want to recognize the efforts of those looking to change the industry.

There’s the well known fact that according to the EU, almost 80% of all product-related environmental impacts are determined during the design phase of a product. If this is in fact still true, that means designers hold a lot of responsibility when it comes to sustainability and impact in a product’s lifecycle. And there’s never been a more important time than now to promote the urgency of these sustainable principles with design.

That’s why for the 2022 Core77 Design Awards, we’re introducing our very first Sustainability Prize. This prize will be awarded to one outstanding project demonstrating the most innovative, exciting, and impactful solutions bringing us into a new, brighter phase of design.

Any project entered within our 18 design categories that is sustainability-minded can enter to win The Sustainability Prize at no extra cost—simply select "yes" within the entry form saying you’d like your project to be considered for this year’s prize.


Curious to know if your project is a good fit for the Sustainability Prize? Here are some of the criteria our judges will be using to select winners.

We’re looking for radical solutions.

Projects that inspire awe are always going to be top billing. If your project is promoting radical material innovations, ways to reimagine the manufacturing of a product that more easily allows for repair, or finds a surprising way to reuse recycled material are all examples of exciting territory.

But “radical” also doesn’t have to mean showy—perhaps your project is rethinking systems in a progressive fashion, and presents simple solutions that provide a huge impact. The common thread here is, does the project defy expectations and norms? Sounds like the qualities of a real winner!

We’re looking for holistic solutions.

These days, creating a truly sustainable design solution requires thorough and thoughtful strategy. Does your project accurately demonstrate the thought it requires to take an idea and bring it into action? How does your solution account for manufacturing systems, modularity or adaptability, the circular economy or a more sustainable product lifestyle?

Projects that prove they’re thinking several steps ahead also demonstrate the idea has true potential for scale and impact.

We’re looking for research-backed solutions.

As any good designer knows, a product is only as good as the research you’ve conducted to get it to its final form. What we want to see is, have you and your team done enough research to truly understand the real world problem driving your product solution? What methods of research did you utilize, and how will you measure long-term impact? Showing this type of information will be sure to impress our judges.




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