Interactive content and user interface design for websites, mobile devices and experiential installations. Examples include: software, mobile apps, interactive projections, products with embedded user interface, animations, simulations, robotics, etc.

2022 Interaction Jury

  • Jury Captain

    Raquel Breternitz

    Design Leader and Strategist

    Raquel Breternitz is an award-winning design leader + strategist with a resume spanning service with the USCIS and as Elizabeth Warren’s Design Director to private sector credits at the New York Times, Pivotal Labs, and IBM. She has also spoken at Lesbians Who Tech, PluralSightLIVE, Wonder Women in Tech, and O'Reilly Design.

    Raquel’s work and speaking topics are connected by a passion for accessibility and inclusion, research-driven design thinking, and a hunger for tackling complex and challenging problems. She believes in strong, empathetic leadership for empowered, creative design teams. Outside of her day job, she loves to write, illustrate, make comics, and take pictures of her cat.

  • Jury Member

    Desirée Zamora García

    Product Design Manager at Webflow, Editor at A List Apart

    Desirée is a designer, speaker, and editor whose practice has spanned a diverse range of spaces in interaction design. She is driven by a desire to push the boundaries of interaction design in service of creative expression, and giving people agency over their own presence and opportunities on the web.

    Today she leads teams of product designers at Webflow, a no-code website publishing platform. Her editorial work enables designers to influence discussions about web technologies, standards, and frameworks. In 2013, her design of personal finance tools for funding a college education were the runner-up for the Core77 award in government.

  • Jury Member

    Drue Thomas

    Product Designer

  • Jury Member

    Jordan Shade

    Design Program Lead for Offerings, IBM Consulting

    Jordan Shade is a designer, researcher and leader with a bent towards a business context. She has led work in enterprise design thinking, online learning, community building, the art of facilitation, transforming organizations, engaging experiences for local government, and creating insight-led strategy. She lives in Austin, TX and currently works for IBM. Her other projects include founding the group A Functional Democracy and its calling card 'zine: A Beginner's Guide to Local Government, as well as the art collective and podcast The City Says So with partner Hal Wuertz.

  • Jury Member

    Romello Goodman

    Computational Designer and Educator

    Romello is a Computational Designer located in Washington DC. He believes that computers can make us more creative and that tool building can be a labor of love. In the past, he’s worked with software in various industries from media to aerospace and politics. Currently, he works on the Polaris team at Shopify and teaches in the Graphic Design department at MICA.

  • Jury Member

    Ruihai Youngblood

    Senior Product Designer at Flatiron Health

    Ruihai is a product designer who loves teaching organizations and individuals how to do user-centered design well. He has worked with organizations in healthcare, government, ecommerce, and esports to implement regular user research, accessibility practices, and lean UX. Ruihai trained the first product designers at Ford UK, the FAA, and the US Air Force. He's currently helping teams deliver cancer research data faster.

    Outside of work, Ruihai fosters cats, skates, translates video games, and collects vintage Carhartt.

  • Jury Member

    Ryan Swedenborg

    Artist and Designer

    Ryan Swedenborg is an artist and designer based out of NYC, where she currently works for Spotify. Her work takes the form of visual identities, applications, apparel, reports, celebrations, prints, sculptures, and paintings. Being a WNBA fan, collecting Reba merch, and wandering around New York are her hobbies.




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