How to Enter

It’s easy! Create an account with Core77, complete an entry form for each project, submit each project and pay for your entries. You can enter as many projects as you want and enter a project into as many categories as applies. For tips on how to create the perfect Core77 Design Awards entry, take a look at our step by step guide.

Create an Account

You'll need a Core77 account in order to enter the Design Awards. If you don't have an account, it's easy to . If you do, and get started today.

After creating and confirming your account, sign in and click on the Awards. Here, you can create a new entry, work on a previous draft or view completed and paid entries.

Required Entry Elements

The following elements of your entry are required for submission, so your entry won't be complete without them:

  • Project Title
  • The Designer Name (whether it's you or someone else)
  • The Client Name
  • The Thumbnail Image (must be at least 400 pixels tall and 400 pixels wide)
  • The Project Overview
  • At least one Project Image
  • The Project Details
  • At least one Category selected

Project Overview

After you fill in your Project Title, the Designer Name, the Client Name and you upload a Thumbnail Image, write a brief summary about your project. This should give the jury a brief overview of what your entry is and is limited to 500 words or less. You will have an opportunity to write in greater detail about your work in the “Project Details” section.

Prepare Your Images

You must upload at least 1 image to the Project Images section.

All images must be JPEG, GIF or PNG format.

The maximum image dimension is 3000 pixels tall or wide (whichever measurement is greater).

The maximum individual file size is 15MB. No Zip, Stuffit or compressed files.

Project Details

Your Project Details section should describe your intent as you approached your project in 1500 words or less. What is your point of view? The juries would love to know about this, as well as the process that informed your project. When describing your process, think about research, ethnography, subject matter experts, materials exploration, technology, iteration, testing and anything else that went into the project. It also helps to describe the stakeholder interests your project considers, such as audience, businesses, organizations, labor, manufacturing and distribution.

Optional Entry Elements

The following elements of your entry are optional for submission, so you can submit your entry without them:

  • Team Credits
  • Project Video
  • External Link
  • Project PDF

Support PDF Document (optional)

You may upload one supporting document about your project. File must be PDF format with max file size of 15MB with a maximum of 30 pages.

Video Testimonial (optional)

Keep your video at or under 2-minutes-30-seconds. All videos must be in mp4 format. The maximum file size for video is 200MB. See our Video Making Tips in the Resources section to learn more, gets tips for making your video and see a variety of successful examples and approaches.

Tips for Uploading Your File

Ensure that your file is one of our listed compatible file types. Double check the size; if it’s too large, it won’t upload!

Please note that if you are selected for an honor in the 2024 Core77 Design Awards, all project assets will be posted for viewing on our website. Do not include anything in your entry you do not wish the general public to view.