Any designed product, service or system tackling issues around sustainability in a thoughtful, research-backed manner through strategies ranging from materials, production methods, efficient systems, packaging and shipping, etc.

2024 Sustainability Jury

  • Jury Captain

    Farrell Calabrese

    Purpose and Sustainability Director Crowe

    Farrell has spent the majority of her career studying and applying leadership principles to accelerate the performance of the purpose-driven teams and organizations that she works with.

    She is deeply passionate about accelerating the positive impact that people and organizations can make by inspiring visions for a more sustainable future.

    Her 20 year career spans communications, design, innovation and corporate sustainability - giving her the unique ability to weave together business frameworks that make complex topics actionable, with the transparency needed to ensure progress at scale.

    Farrell's success lays in her ability to actively engage, educate and coach others to see themselves as a part of the solution – tapping into the creativity, knowledge and diverse perspectives of the business environment to maximize results.

    At her core, Farrell loves to celebrate the successes and amplify the impact of the great work happening across corporations, knowing that there is A LOT of work yet to be done across the world and its supply chains.

    She believes in intentionally designing the world we want to live in. Understanding that our individual place and circumstance, decisions and habits, over time and at scale, collectively impact people, society, our environment and ultimately our connected world, allows each of us the agency to make decisions that have either a positive or a negative impact.
    She challenges you to choose how you show up based on who you are and what you are uniquely passionate about. Because we don't need a handful of corporations doing sustainability perfectly - we need billions of people doing sustainability imperfectly.

  • Jury Member

    Barry Waddilove

    Head of Circular Economy & Partnerships Electrolux Group

    Barry Waddilove joined Electrolux Group in 2017. He first led the company’s North American design team and joined the global sustainability leadership team in early 2022 to oversee partnerships and collaborations. In early 2023, he became Head of Circular Economy and Partnerships. In this expanded role, Barry remains responsible for supporting partnerships while leading new work to develop Electrolux Group’s Circular Economy approach and priorities.

    Barry has over 30 years experience in design and sustainability, working with brands and organizations across 25 countries. During various roles across global corporates, he has developed deep knowledge of innovation processes and business model development. His academic research for the Ellen MacArthur Foundation explored the role of system thinking in circular design.
    He holds an MDes in Design and Innovation for Sustainability from Cranfield University and is also a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

    Barry is British and lives with his family just north of London, UK.

  • Jury Member

    Charlie Neshyba-Hodges

    Creative Lead Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL)

    Charlie works with the Design Studio at JPL where he has designed and manufactured installations, along with posters and artifacts, that help break down the complicated science behind a new climate change satellite called NISAR. While this helps educate and inspire the public, his work is also used to motivate and honor the engineers who work on these critical multi-year missions designed to help us better understand, and thus better protect our planet.

    He is the founder of the sustainable toy company called Archamelia that produces escape-room style pop-up puzzles. Made with FSC certified paper, and manufactured within a 20 mile radius of his home in Inglewood, CA, Archamelia has won numerous gold medals in industrial design competitions, merits for sustainability and social impact, and been highlighted in books for its inclusive design and featured on television for its effective STEAM engagement.

    At ArtCenter, he teaches an upper-term course called DesignLab2 which focuses on the environmental impact of the products we create. Using sustainable heuristics, he guides students through the deconstruction of existing products in order to evaluate their true lifecycle (from material source to disposal) all in order to pinpoint the strongest opportunities for sustainable design intervention.

    Prior to design, Charlie was a professional dancer. In addition to the 20 years he has spent working with Twyla Tharp, he has also collaborated with artists like Barbara Kruger, Frank Stella, Billy Joel, Bob Dylan, the Sinatra Family, Maurice Sendak, Christopher Wool, Jon-Michel Othoniel, and Alejandro Inarritu.

    When he is not designing or dancing, he is either growing vegetables in his garden or training his frenchie, Maurice.

  • Jury Member

    Erik Haug

    Founder & Chief Vision Officer LIGHT CoCreative

    Erik Haug is the Founder & Chief Vision Officer of LIGHT CoCreative, a global innovation and impact collective.

    Alongside a dynamic network of talent at LIGHT, Erik is focused on community-driven solutions to major global issues and basic human needs:
    • Food
    • Water
    • Livability • Energy
    • Air
    • Care

    LIGHT has a range of core capabilities and codified consulting offerings including deep research, human- centered design, strategic visioning, technology enablement, stakeholder engagement, thought leadership and facilitating win-win-win partnerships across value chains.

    The core objective of LIGHT is to cultivate more collaboration, inclusion, sustainability, trust, collective action and long-term value creation in the private sector.

    Prior to LIGHT, Erik was the CoFounder & CEO of a venture-backed social technology startup — dedicated to building community and bringing people together in-real-life.
    In his consulting career, he has led dozens of strategy, design and innovation projects with leaders at top organizations including Deloitte, Nike, Intuit, Cisco, Lowe’s, Masdar, Li & Fung, Visa, AirBus, DHL, NEOM and Stryker.

  • Jury Member

    Zoé Bezpalko

    Sustainability Strategy Manager - Design & Manufacturing Autodesk

    Zoé Bezpalko is an environmental engineer, and designer who strongly believes in the strategic use of technology and design as keys for solving global issues like climate change. At Autodesk she leads the sustainability strategy for the Design & Manufacturing industries where she develops innovative technology to help customers reduce the environmental footprint of their design and make processes, and reach their sustainability goals.