Home & Living

Consumer products or services designed for use in a domestic setting. Examples include home accessories, appliances, home electronics, smart home products, security systems, etc.

2021 Home & Living Jury

  • Jury Captain

    Josh Morenstein

    Co-founder, Branch Creative

    Josh Morenstein is a co-founder, partner, and creative director at Branch, an industrial design and branding agency in San Francisco.

    Founded in 2013, Branch has been recognized for excellence and authority in a variety of projects in industrial design and brand consulting services to clients from Fortune 500s to start-ups. Branch’s work has been featured in publications including Fast Company, Vogue, Wired, Metropolis, Dezeen, and Wallpaper magazine. Fast Company Magazine has recognized Branch as one of the "30 Most Important Design Companies of the Year"

    With over 20 years of design experience, Josh has led award-winning design teams on some of the most diverse and innovative projects ranging from furniture to electronics, consumer goods to packaging. Prior to founding Branch, Josh was creative director and partner at fuseproject as well as the Design Director at NewDealDesign.

    Josh’s work for clients such as General Electric, Coca Cola, Johnson and Johnson, Prada, Issey Miyake, Swarovski, Samsung, Target, Puma,and L'Oréal established him at the forefront of marrying form with function, and of brand with product. Josh’s work has been exhibited in museums and competitions including the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Triennial, MOMA, and Chicago Art Institute, and has been recognized with over 50 international design awards from organizations such as IDSA, ID Magazine, iF, Fast Company, and Red Dot.

  • Jury Member

    Matt Pugmire

    Principal Industrial Designer, Logitech

    As a Principal Industrial Designer at Logitech, Matt’s focused on crafting iconic new hardware designs and experiences with a diverse group of problem solvers that make up the gaming design team. Prior to Logitech Matt was an Industrial Design lead at NewDealDesign in San Francisco where he built creative partnerships and developed ambitious new product visions for tech startups and industry leaders such as Microsoft, Comcast, Herman Miller and more.

    When not working, Matt can be found appreciating the great outdoors with his three daughters in tow.

  • Jury Member

    Noah Reinhertz

    Sustainability Lead, Innovation Kitchen, Nike

    Noah is a designer and the Sustainability Lead in Nike’s Innovation Kitchen. He collaborates with a diverse group of designers and innovators to blend sustainable materials, technologies and ideas into all of Nike’s advanced innovation efforts. He comes from a family of teachers, hippies and architects and feels most at home staring at the sea in a heavy fog.

    Over the past fifteen years or so he has created products with Herman Miller, iRobot and Samsung among others.

    Most recently, Noah created the Nike Space Hippie concept and together with a small group of renegade designers produced a line of shoes made almost entirely from trash. Embodying the design philosophy of progress over perfection, it was the next, radical step towards responsible product at Nike.

    When not trying to reinvent shoe manufacturing, Noah creates practical problems by sailing wooden boats with his family in the cold waters around Portland, OR.

  • Jury Member

    Pichaya Puttorngul

    Principal/Product Designer

    Pichaya Puttorngul is an independent industrial designer from Bangkok, Thailand. A hands-on practitioner with diverse experiences in Design Innovations, Material Experimentations, and Traditional Crafts.

    Through 18 years of industrial design experience, Pichaya collaborated with global and local innovators realising their visions for a positive future, producing award-winning designs with aspirations in longevity, sustainability, and beauty.

    Prior to his permanency in Bangkok, Pichaya was the design director of Fuseproject New York




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