Emerging Technologies

Systems, services, research, hardware, or software products created with the aid of recently created or developed software and hardware technologies. Examples can include projects that incorporate the use of artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), blockchain technologies, robotics, biometrics, advanced materials or new production processes.

2024 Emerging Technologies Jury

  • Jury Captain

    Alex Hulme

    Co-founder & Creative Director Approach Studio

    Alex is co-founder of Approach Studio and has been designing and manufacturing products for over 20 years. He spent the best part of a decade at Map Project Office, where as studio co-director he oversaw the studio's creative output including projects for Sky, Google and Deutsche Telekom
    Since 2020 his focus at Approach has been on crafting tomorrow’s technology products. Approach’s clients are a mixture of big tech (Google, Logitech, Nothing) and upcoming hardware startups.

  • Jury Captain

    Julie Arrivé

    Co-founder & Design Director Approach Studio

    After many years working for industrial design consultancies worldwide and across a wide range of scales, Julie is now the co-founder of Approach Studio. Approach is a design agency developing hardware solutions using emerging technology for a mixture of startups and larger established brands. At Approach she also experiments on speculative and future technology usage.

  • Jury Member

    Matt Brown

    Designer Extraordinary Facility

    Matt Brown is an independent designer based in Los Angeles. Most of his work is in early-stage invention and prototyping in software and hardware for new products, services, media and environments. Recent clients include Google X, R&D at The New York Times, and The Berggruen Institute. He also runs Extraordinary Facility, a small design studio focused on learning and play.