Projects that are pure concepts or proposals, whether self-initiated for fiction, discourse, intervention or exploration, or created as exploratory/speculative designs for a client or educational institution.

2012 Judging Location


Winner Broadcast

July 12 @ 9:00 am ET


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Bruce Sterling
Jury Captain
Author of "Beyond the Beyond" at Wired

Bruce Sterling writes science fiction, travels widely, blogs a lot and enjoys theorizing about contemporary acts of speculative culture. He has been a “Visionary in Residence” at Sandberg Institute and Art Center College of Design. His most recent book is a collection of short stories entitled Gothic High-Tech.

Beyond the Beyond

Maria Bezaitis
Senior Research Scientist, Interactions and Experience Research, Intel Labs

Dr. Maria Bezaitis has extensive history shaping global research and design organizations in the private sector. Dr. Bezaitis’ work considers how social research can catalyze business transformation, the future of context-aware technologies, the changing nature of social values, user experience, collections and seriality, photographic images and identity, and media literacy. Maria’s current focus is on “vibrant technologies” and how to make them more relational and not simply interactive. She has played a leadership role in several cutting-edge social-research organizations, including E-Lab and Sapient Corporation, and most recently served as the director of Intel’s former People and Practices Research group. Maria has published articles on ethnographic practice and the value of the humanities and social science for business innovation, and she has lectured frequently on social research and business innovation to industry and academic institutions. Maria received a fellowship to École Normale Supérieure in Paris.


Bernardo Fernández
Writer, Story Teller and Graphic Designer

Bernardo Fernández, aka Bef, is a Writer, Story Teller and Graphic Designer. He was born in Ciudad de México in 1972. He has published several novels, Tiempo de alacranes (Scorpion Times), Gel azul (Blue Gel), Ladrón de sueños (The Dream Thief) and Ojos de lagarto (Snake Eyes); the short-stories collections ¡¡Bzzzzzzt!! Ciudad interfase (¡¡Bzzzzzzt!! Interface City) and El llanto de los niños muertos (The Crying of the Dead Children); the children’s books Error de programación (Programming Error), Cuento de hadas para conejos (Fairy Tales for Rabbits), Groar and Soy el robot (I Am the Robot); and the graphic novels Pulpo cómics (Octopus Comics), Monorama and Monorama 2. He is one of the best young Mexican writers of our times and he has won several prizes, such as the national novel prize Otra Vuelta de Tuerca (Mexico), the prize Memorial Silverio Cañadafor best first crime novel (Spain), Ignotus prize of the Spanish Association of Fantasy, Science Fiction and horror. He is currently working on another novel, Hielo Negro [Black Ice], a crime series about a new model of narco-traffic, and a graphic novel Uncle Bill about the famous William Burroughs.

Bef's blog

Irina Kharseeva
PR Manager at AR Door

Irina Kharseeva is the PR Manager at AR Door. AR Door is an Augmented Reality developer based in Moscow, Russia. They provide augmented reality experiences across advertising, marketing, gaming, education, tourism, retail, property and many other verticals across many different devices from mobile handset to a standard PC. She is also the PR Director at Fitting Reality where she is responsible for directing the company’s overall marketing and strategic planning programs, and corporate communications.

Irina has also been an English Tutor for Active Enlgish, MICS Distribution Company and Skincare. Previously at MICS Distribution Company, she was an Event Planner. Irina received her education from Lomonosov Moscow State University in International PR and Applied Linguistics.

AR Door