Food Design

Design at the service of eating, cooking, serving, distributing or experiencing food.

2014 Judging Location

Dordrecht, Netherlands

Winner Broadcast

June 16 @ 5:00 am ET


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Marije Vogelzang
Jury Captain
Eating Designer

Designers who work with the subject “food” are often called food designers. According to Marije, food is already perfectly and beautifully designed by nature—she designs from the verb to eat. She is inspired by the origin of food, the preparation, etiquette, history and culture of food. That’s why she doesn’t call herself food designer but would rather title herself as the world’s first eating-designer. Her aim is to look at the content and background of the food. The shape is just a tool to tell the story.

Having graduated from the Design Academy in Eindhoven in 2000, Marije set her mind on creating a new direction in the field of design. After having developed and recently sold two experimental restaurants called ‘PROEF’ in Rotterdam and Amsterdam, she broadened her experiments and developed her vision to design from of the verb of eating.

For 13 years, she has worked on restaurant concepts as well as long-term medical projects for hospitals. Marije initiates workshops to educate and inspire and also does some extensive work for food industries. She designs art installations and has recently curated some very well-perceived exhibitions about eating and design. Her work has been published and acknowledged globally.

Marije Vogelzang

Marjan Ippel
Foodtrend Analyst, Food Blogger and Food Columnist; Foodtrendwatcher at Talkin’ Food

Marjan is a foodtrend analyst, food blogger and food columnist for the major food magazines in the Netherlands, such as ELLE Eten. She is a self-publisher of a range of food titles, the most recent being “Foodlingo Bijbel”–a book that explains what’s going on in food by describing specific foodie lingo. Marjan will also be self-publishing the first edition of the low-cuisine magazine My Beautiful Mayonnaise together with food blogger Ronald de Nijs and designer Natasha Tastachova.

Talkin’ Food

Valerie Kuster
Food Rhapsody // Creative Producer and Food Concept Creator

Valerie is a Rotterdam based food blogger and producer of fashionable food events on the largest vegetable roofgarden in Europe. Before returning to Rotterdam, she lived in London where she worked as a communication director in the architecture and art industry. She wanted to expand her culinary senses and left London for a food-inspired journey through South America. She used her experiences abroad to start Food Rhapsody, a blog where she presents a fresh perception of our everyday consumption. Ignoring the kitchen rules and traditions, she is inspired by other influences to create a new food palette. Colors, seasons, cultures and a curiosity for unknown ingredients shape a whole new food symphony.

Valerie Kuster

Ronald de Nijs
Zestz // Owner and Editor in Chief

Ronald is owner and editor in chief of Zestz, a Dutch blog where culinary news from home and abroad, food trends and hotspots come together. His blog has been featured in Elle Food and The Telegraph.