Soft Goods

Apparel and products made from soft materials for personal, recreational, outdoor or work use.

2013 Judging Location

New York, NY, USA

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Jeff “jeffstaple” Ng
Jury Captain
Founder and Creative Director at Staple Design

With his hands in just about everything, Jeff Ng aka jeffstaple has masterfully created an entire world of communicating through design. Not known solely for his massive sneaker collection, the founder/owner of Staple Design, Staple Clothing, and the Reed Space is a graphic, web, and clothing designer, artist, DJ, writer, entrepreneur, and is responsible for the design work for companies such as Nike, Burton, Gianni Versace, Royal Elastics, Triple Five Soul, The Fader Magazine, The Gap, Sony Playstation, and Apple Computers.

Staple Design

Sophia Chang
Illustrator and Graphic Designer

Sophia Chang hails from the borough of Queens, an avid and eccentric spirit, active in the art & design community. She works in all mediums of crafted matter, from printmaking, apparel design, graphics, illustration, websites and more.

On her spare time she enjoys frolicking through the park with her dog and giving him unconditional love.

Sophia Chang

Yuni Yoshida
Designer at Staple Design

Yuni Yoshida is a seasoned fashion designer and integral asset to the Staple clothing collection. Originally from Tokyo, Japan, Yuni has been inspired by her travels to France, Brazil, Mongolia, and the Netherlands to animate a world in which her designs trot from the digital landscape to many vast and uncharted closets the globe over. The spirit of Alexander McQueen, Warhol and Keith Haring flows thru her design religiously. As a devoted student to her art and craft, Yuni spends many of her days dissecting and exploring works that line the walls of the MoMa and Gagosian Gallery.

Her reverence for all things design related is palpable in all that she does. She also loves sea urchin and believes that it’s the most magical thing anyone can eat in their lives.

Staple Design

Anna Sian
Marketing Director at Staple Design

Anna Sian was born and raised in NYC and is the Marketing Director for Staple Pigeon. She graduated from Dartmouth College and went on a quest to pursue her loves for fashion, art and music. She served as Associate Editor of Picture Magazine, Marketing Associate for a consulting company, while moonlighting as a freelance photographer and a singer/keyboardist in a band called Ava Luna. In 2011, she consolidated her diverse passions into Staple marketing and has never looked back.

Staple Design

Erika Perez
Floor Manager at Reed Space

Bronx bred Erika Perez is big-hearted, brainy, and sometimes boisterous. As a child she read voraciously, wrote incessantly and avoided practicing her violin by turning flour, water and old newsprint into masks of bottle-nosed dolphins with her artist mother. Now a few inches taller, Erika employs slightly different methods of procrastination. She currently prefers photography to paper mache, but maintains her love of literature and writes short stories and prose poetry as a creative outlet.

Reed Space