Interiors & Exhibitions

Spatial design as it relates to physical interiors, exhibitions or installations, either permanent or temporary, and to any context (private, commercial, public or institutional).

2013 Judging Location

Mexico City, Mexico

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Andres Mier Y Teran
Jury Captain
Principal at Grupo MYT

Andres Mier Y Teran is Founder and Principal at MYT Diseño, an architecture, design and construction firm based both in New York and Mexico City. MYT Diseño started off as a design and build firm in Mexico City, but has evolved to encapsulate almost all aspects of design in a project. From sketching a new concept to it’s final construction, as well as identity, marketing, graphic and industrial design, the firm now is able to create a holistic design experience. Some of the most notable works by the firm in Mexico include the concept for Soumaya Museum interiors, The Monument to the Mexican Revolution, La Imperial and Moshi Moshi. And in New York, Taka Taka, Antojeria La Popular, Vive la Crepe restaurants and Stella Filante store.

Andrés studied Interior Architecture at ESAG Penninghen in Paris, furniture design in Copenhagen and Architecture in UNAM, in Mexico City. He worked in Tokyo and in Paris with Philippe Starck before earning a Masters Degree in Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia University in 2008. Andres has been frequently published, was awarded the gold medal for a five-year trajectory in Interior Architecture by the Mexican National Association of Interior Design in 2006, and more recently the 2011 Prix Met Penninghen for his Professional Trajectory 2001-2011 by ESAG in France.

Grupo MYT

Carla Fernandez
Fashion Designer

Carla Fernandez is a Mexican Fashion Designer and the founder of Taller Flora.

Taller Flora is Carla Fernandez’s demi couture line, co-designed by and using the delicate craftsmanship of Mexican artisans. By supporting their immense creativity, their handwork as well as their ideas, this line seeks to prevent the extinction of the Mexican textile tradition.

However, some of these beautiful garments take months to complete. This is not exactly following today’s fast-paced fashion world. To be able to work and grow as a fashion label Carla Fernandez created another, a prêt-à-porter line. This line is fabricated industrially using high quality materials, and–of course–inspired by Mexico.

Carla Fernandez takes her inspiration from traditional Mexican garments, which are built up out of squares and rectangles. Following this ‘DNA’ of Mexican tailoring, Carla Fernandez’s labels have a distinct geometric style.

Carla Fernandez

Michel Rojkind
Architect at Rojkind Arquitectos

Michel Rojkind was born in Mexico City, where he studied Architecture and Urban Planning at the Universidad Iberoamericana (1989-1994).
 In 2002 he founded Rojkind Arquitectos to explore new challenges addressing contemporary society–to design compelling experiences that go beyond mere functionality and to connect the intricacies of each project at a deeper level.
 He has been short-listed to participate in several large-scale international projects, in Mexico, Canada, Kuwait, China, Dubai, Singapore and Spain. He has been a visiting professor at the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) in L.A. and at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IACC) in Barcelona. Rojkind has participated as juror for several international awards and competitions and has lectured in many different countries.

Rojkind Arquitectos

Sebastián Lara
CEO of Eos México Studio

Sebastián Lara is a multidisciplinary Industrial Designer, based in Mexico. He is Co-owner and Co-director of Eos México Studio, one of the most renown design studios in México.

 He is in a constant search for images and formal resources that offer esthetic proposals for objects and inert spaces that yearn for a little bit of “life”.

 When shaping an object, he does not want it to be a pretentious design, he’d rather have the user value and enjoy the benefits of a simple life.

 He has been awarded multiple design awards and his creations have been showcased in various forums of USA, Mexico and Europe.

Eos México Studio

Mauricio Lara
CEO and Founder of Eos México Studio

Based in Guadalajara, Mauricio Lara is the founder of Eos México Studio, a clear example of contemporary Mexican Design. Having more than 20 years of professional experience, he is one of the most important and renown Designers in Mexico. 
”I consider myself an ‘ex-designer’ ” after hearing the term created by Martí Guixé in 2001. Being an “ex-designer” allows him to play, dream and create pieces with the possibility of having fun freely and without being afraid of messing up, thusly going further than the established. He infuses his creations with a strong, playful and casual personality.

Eos México Studio