2011 C77DA

Interactive / Web / Mobile

Gregg Wygonik

Principal Technologist at frog design’s Austin studio

Gregg Wygonik has a diverse background in design, technology, and music. He is currently a Principal Technologist at frog design’s Austin studio. His work pushes the envelope in traditional mobile, desktop, and web technologies, as well as bleeding-edge tech like 3D imaging cameras, computer vision frameworks, augmented reality, and wearable/ubiquitous computing platforms. His web work includes interactive properties for the likes of National Geographic, The Museum of Science and Industry, and AARP, as well as social network and user-generated content UI/UX design and development for NBC, CBS, and independent media firms. He has been a visible resource in the interactive community for over a decade with a syndicated blog, published books and articles, conference presentations, and guest lectures.