2011 C77DA

Never Saw the Light of Day

Tewa Srilaklang

Partner & Chief Designer for Lighting Design Partnership

Since 2002, Tewa Srilaklang and her design team have executed urban and architectural lighting designs for 5-star hotels, commercial centers, office buildings and residential projects. She has been a consultant for the magazines Luce e Design and Professional Lighting Design (both Chinese editions) and is also the head of the Beijing chapter of the Lighting Detectives, a non-profit organization investigating public lighting initiated by Mr. Kaoru Mende. She also created Switch On which successfully co-organized with the local Beijing Dongcheng local government, the Beijing Lighting Show in the Ditan Park (2010). She is also involved in public welfare with the BEST Foundation which provides kids from rural areas the opportunity to attend an English summer camp in Shanghai.