2011 C77DA

Soft Goods / Apparel

Peter Kallen

Design Director of Nau

Having spent his youth making ski and nightclub apparel, Peter Kallen pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Apparel Design from Bassist College. He was hired by Nike to create their ACG line which expanded into footwear and track and field design. In 1994, he started a snowboard brand creating boards, boot bindings and clothing and then went on to start an eponymous fashion street label in Japan. Five years later, he decided to focus on expanding his design company, Thinkbomb Designlab, and consulted for Ralph Lauren, Nike and Schoffel. Kallen also opened an urban garden store called Dig: Dream in Green. More recently, he teamed up with colleagues to found the sustainable urban and outdoor clothing company, Nau where he is currently Design Director.