2011 C77DA

Interiors / Exhibition

Jean Snow

Design Writer and Executive Director of PechaKucha

Jean Snow has written for Time, Inside (Australian Design Review), Gizmodo, Gridskipper, Kotaku, Tokyo Q, Superfuture, OK Fred, Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel, I.D., Metropolis, Azure, MoCo Loco, Kateigaho International Edition, Wired’s Game|Life, CNNGo, and The Japan Times. He is also Executive Director of the PechaKucha organization; manager of the gallery space at Cafe Pause in Tokyo; Editor-at-Large at the online culture journal N√©ojaponisme; the founder and editor-in-chief of SNOW, a web magazine covering art, culture, and design from Japan; and Editor-in-Chief of The Magaziner, a site that covers the convergence of magazines and digital media.