2011 C77DA

Speculative Objects / Concepts

Dominika Nell Applova

Co-Founder and COO at Blue Green Pacific Inc.

Dominika is a designer and entrepreneur. She is a co-founder of Blue Green Pacific, a pioneer in urban-scale wind energy co-generation. She holds a design degree from Rhode Island School of Design and an MBA from the London Business School. She has worked as a senior industrial designer for IDEO and collaborated with BP’s Group Technology to develop sustainable business opportunities in emerging markets, including products like biomass stoves, LED lights for the “bottom of the pyramid,” and an energy technology incubator dedicated to safe energy access for the off-the-grid population. She is the recipient of a number of design awards, including the Werner von Siemens Medal and Red Dot in Germany, ID Excellence and CES Innovation in the US, and ID Grand Prix in the Czech Republic.