Any designed product, service or system tackling issues around sustainability in a thoughtful, research-backed manner through strategies ranging from materials, production methods, efficient systems, packaging and shipping, etc.

2024 Sustainability Jury

  • Jury Captain

    Farrell Calabrese

    Purpose and Sustainability Director Crowe

    Farrell has spent the majority of her career studying and applying leadership principles to accelerate the performance of the purpose-driven teams and organizations that she works with.

    She is deeply passionate about accelerating the positive impact that people and organizations can make by inspiring visions for a more sustainable future.

    Her 20 year career spans communications, design, innovation and corporate sustainability - giving her the unique ability to weave together business frameworks that make complex topics actionable, with the transparency needed to ensure progress at scale.

    Farrell's success lays in her ability to actively engage, educate and coach others to see themselves as a part of the solution – tapping into the creativity, knowledge and diverse perspectives of the business environment to maximize results.

    At her core, Farrell loves to celebrate the successes and amplify the impact of the great work happening across corporations, knowing that there is A LOT of work yet to be done across the world and its supply chains.

    She believes in intentionally designing the world we want to live in. Understanding that our individual place and circumstance, decisions and habits, over time and at scale, collectively impact people, society, our environment and ultimately our connected world, allows each of us the agency to make decisions that have either a positive or a negative impact.
    She challenges you to choose how you show up based on who you are and what you are uniquely passionate about. Because we don't need a handful of corporations doing sustainability perfectly - we need billions of people doing sustainability imperfectly.