Gaming Accessories

Consumer hardware or software products designed for the interactive entertainment / video game industry. Examples include: video games, video game accessories (game systems, game controllers), gaming furniture, gaming-focused consumer technology (computers, TVs, etc.)

2024 Gaming Accessories Jury

  • Jury Captain

    Tim Hulford

    Director of Industrial Design Meta

    Tim Hulford is a design leader with a passion for delivering thoughtful, functional and intentional design. His background is deeply rooted in technology, producing influential designs that have spanned across many industries and categories. Tim is currently Industrial Design Director at Meta, working to bring the audacious dreams of Reality Labs to life as beautifully integrated, compelling consumer products.

  • Jury Member

    Benoit Collette


    Following a master degree in Industrial design in France (ISD), Ben had the opportunity to work with numerous talented individuals through dierent design consultancy (design continuum, Teague, Artefact) and is now working for Valve where he focuses on video game hardware equipment such as Steamdeck . For him , Understanding users and targeting issues and opportunities is key to create successful projects , collaborating with complementary skilled people is key to create meaningful and market ready products and experiences.

    “After 20 years of strategic innovation and design consulting, I still maintain a strong urge to experiment and explore the frontiers of what comes next with the goal of merging and blurring the boundaries of Industrial Design, User Experience, and Interaction Design.
    I am a strong believer in creating multi-sensorial experiences rather than simply designing hardware products”

  • Jury Member

    Norio Fujikawa

    Executive Creative Director PA Consulting

    Executive Creative Director by day and professional illustrator by night, Norio brings 30 years of design experience to every program he directs at PA Consulting (formerly Astro Studios). Since studying at the Institute of Design, IIT in Chicago, he has collaborated with diverse clients such as Microsoft, Nike, HP, Disney, Samsung, Nissan and Sony, among many others. His passion for emerging technologies has him constantly looking towards the future while his keen awareness of user needs and experiences keeps him focused on the present.