Service Design

All projects entailing the organization of end-users, communication, transactions, infrastructure, institutions and organizational systems. Examples include: distribution or delivery systems, ways of connecting people or enabling transactions, funding platforms, web-based communities, etc.

2017 Service Design Jury

  • Jury Member

    Buzz Pearce

    Global Head of Design

    Steve has the mind of an engineer, the eyes and hands of an artist, and a heart for people.
    Since the dawn of internet economy companies, he’s lovingly crafted products and services, that people actually use and enjoy on a daily basis, some have become verbs in global society.
    Steve (or Buzz, it’s a long story!) is a Design Leader and knows what it takes to create products and brands with soul. He’s had the fortune of working with some of the best designers and engineers around, and together they’ve been instrumental in designing some of the most loved products on the planet.
    Buzz is now leading the wonderful design team at Skyscanner, where he’s scaling the design team to take the product and brand to becoming a household name globally.
    Always wanting to share stories and learnings, Buzz teaches at many of the leading design schools in the UK and Europe, and is a regular public speaker.

  • Jury Member

    Chris Downs

    Managing Director, Normally

    Boss One of @NormallyStudio. Founder of live|work, Service Design Pioneer.

  • Jury Member

    Louise Downe

    Head of Design, UK Government

    Louse is Head of Design for the UK government, based at GDS where she leads a 600 strong team of designers working across government to transform services.

    Louise joined GDS in 2014 as the first service designer in government and has established the discipline since then. She is now programme director for the new Services authority at GDS.

    With a background in Art, Linguistics and Economics Louise started her career as a writer and producer at Tate, where she lead on digital audience development before working as a consultant in the re-design of large, recently privatised utilities like health, telecommunications, energy and finance.

    She’s a passionate believer in using design to solve complex problems and is a prominent protagonist in the design industry - redefining the practice of service design to be a practical, technically embedded profession.

  • Jury Member

    Sarah Drummond

    Co-founder, Snook

    Sarah is the Co-founder and managing Director of Snook, an award winning design consultancy working at the forefront of civic, public sector and democratic innovation. Sarah focuses on making social change happen by re-thinking public services from a human perspective.

    Sarah co-founded Snook alongside Lauren Currie in 2009 and in her 7 years experience has worked with a vast array of public, private and third sector clients predominately across health, mental health and social care, education, civic and local authority and education to design services that work for people.

    Aside from design she loves Cycling and DJs part time.

    She speaks regularly about design, innovation (aka making things better) and entrepreneurialism (aka taking risks on making things happen).




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